"Communication is vital to every home remodeling project"

HRP wants the experience to be a positive one for everyone involved. What is required for that to happen is Consistent and open communication between HRP and you. This communication will enhance your understanding of the project, and provide an opportunity to exchange ideas.

OUR GOAL IS to deliver on time, on budget, and without compromising quality or workmanship. Occasionally we come across unforseen situations once demo begins, which could extend the timelime. Home Remodel Pro will be with you every step of the way to make your visions come to life.

 Dana Dillard, HRP's owner, will be hands on and personally oversee your entire project. Whether your project is ( big or small) we want to provide a smooth and stress free process.  It is important to us to provide every customer with our utmost attention and detail.

Throughout the years our continuing business has been due to our constant referrals from our satisfied customers.  We have over the years experienced human error.  We know that is a possibility, but we will do what it takes to correct the situation as quickly and effectively as possible.

100% customer satisfaction is what matters the MOST to us. 

Your Most unhappy customers are your greatest source of Learning
— Bill Gates
The little things are infinitately important
— Arthur Conan Doyle