Developed and presented by Organized Living:...........• Closets were listed as the second most desired feature in a dream home in a  national study by Roper Research – second only to a state-of-the-art kitchen.• Home buyers are unhappy. A National Association of Home Builders survey  uncovered that 64% of home buyers say they don’t have adequate storage space.Remodeling your closet can create a more organized space for dressing and storage. When our customers’ closets are in control, they feel better inside. Getting your closet under control can often help in other areas of their lives. While we all love the look and feel of a newly redesigned kitchen or living room, sometimes a private storage space like the closet can benefit just as much from a touchup.According to William J. Hirsch's book, "Designing Your Perfect House: Lessons From an Architect," closet space can have a significant effect on home value, particularly in larger homes with large master suites. With the high cost of adding storage space to a house, or renting an off-site storage unit, closet remodeling can be one of the easiest, cost-effective home improvement projects.We can help you make the most of your current closet, or help build one that fits your needs by not only adding value to your home, but helping organize what makes you, " YOU". “It’s all about space…YOUR space."  What will your new closet look like?